According to Sonny de Jonge and Neal Pot, owners and founders of the concept 'Uptown Rotterdam', this coming edition will be a new experience for their guests.

'We are Sonny de Jonge and Neal Pot, owners and founders of Rotterdam’s newest deep house and rooftop concept ‘Uptown Rotterdam’.'

Sonny: 'I study Business Administration at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and I’m an event manager for five years now. I’ve been involved in different parties in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht. I’m back in Rotterdam since January after living in Amsterdam for about a year, where I worked at Verknipt as marketing manager. Before that I was responsible for the marketing and partly the line-ups for the Rotterdam Rave, Triangle, Glow in the Dark, Give Soul and Vloeistof (Annabel). When I reached my creative ceiling in these concepts after two years, I left Amsterdam to give my carreer a new boost. Now I’m back in my beloved home town to finally build my own concepts.'

Neal: 'My event career started a year ago. I’m one of Loveland’s team captains for the ambassador groups. The same organisation is responsible for 909 , Diynamic and Loveland Festival. I also have some experience in stage managing and artist handling at these events. Besides that I’m also a fulltime mechanical engineer during the week.'

'We’re both from Rotterdam.'

'That’s hard to explain in a small answer. Rotterdam is our life.'

Sonny: 'Rotterdam seems fed up with parties but she’s not. Rotterdam’s party scene needs a new impulse because most of the current events are here for a while already. The people deserve getting new stuff. That’s why I moved back to Rotterdam to introduce different kinds of new party concepts. Besides Uptown, there’s my new tech-house concept PolyGon. The first edition was a b2b all-nighter with Luuk van Dijk and Relativ in TOFFLER and it was sold out. And then there’s The Cuckoo’s Nest, which is a partnership with Mr. Belt & Wezol. The first edition was an all nighter with Mr. Belt & Wezol and also sold out. I’m very excited about all the projects.'

Neal: 'We just felt like giving the city new stuff. We really wanted to combine a rooftop setting, with a real classy deep-house sound and a classy location. The moment when we entered The Suicide Club for the first time last summer during The STRAFWERK rooftop session, we realised: this is it, this is us. Uptown seemed the perfect name because the location is city centered and literally up.'

Sonny: 'I listen to house and techno mostly; tech-house, deep-house, melodic techno, summer house. Sometimes hiphop and R&B when I’m in the mood.'

Neal: 'I just bought turning tables, so I switched from playing digital music to playing with vinyl. I prefer disco, techno, electro and house.'

Sonny: 'That’s definitely Jamie Jones. I just can’t get enough of his raw, funky, smash-ing sound.'

Neal: 'Definitely Modeselektor for sure.'

Sonny: 'I haven’t been there yet, but it seems like that would be ‘Burning Man’. I really want to go there sometime.'

Neal: 'For me that’s Melt Festival in Germany. I’ve been there a couple of times and it’s the best. Just the multiple day festival vibe with camping abroad and the sleepless floor, it’s amazing.'

Sonny: 'The location is just so distinguished. When you take a look at the other venues in Rotterdam, it’s a one of a kind. It’s classy, there’s a rooftop and all these beautiful amazing people visit the club. The whole mix is perfect for what we set out to achieve with Uptown.'

Sonny: 'I actually play sometimes, it’s ‘Le Garson’.'

Neal: 'Currently I’m playing in my living room and at house warmings. I don’t have the ambition to play at events.'

Sonny: 'Well, that’s easy, Nina Kraviz or Amelie Lens of course.'

Neal: 'I prefer a dinner with Cin City in The Suicide Club.'

Neal: 'DHA is a big and well respected organisation from Amsterdam. DHA was really high on our list with organisations we want to invite for our Rooftop Sessions. Their deep-house sound matches perfectly with our vision, music wise. They booked a lot of really big artists in the past that fit our program, artists like Black Coffee, The Black Madonna, Solomun and Âme.'

Sonny: 'The curators behind DHA became really good friends of mine, when I lived in Amsterdam. We always wanted to join forces one day.'

Sonny: 'We’re trying to create a new experience every time. This is our vision for the whole future of this concept. A new experience every edition, that’s why we invite a different well respected label every time.'

Neal: 'In contrast to our first sold out edition, ‘The Rooftop Terrace’ will probably be opened. This means more artists, more music, more space, more people, more dancing and of course a different and bigger experience.'

We have 9 artists, 2 area’s and a show with visuals in The Suicide Club. Besides, we choose to sell less pre-sale tickets then the first edition so the entrance will be smooth this time. Don’t hesitate to come and visit us on the 18th of November!

Neal: 'Dress appropriately on the 18th of November. Our doorhost has an exquisite sense of style and can be picky every now and then. See you uptown!'


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