Sean XX & Triomphe are in town for the second edition of Code Pink at The Suicide Club. What could we serve them for their Last Supper? And why travel to Bali?

S: "Anantara Ocean suite. Eating all kinds of fresh foods while chilling in an outside hot tub, staring over the ocean."

T: "There’s this seafood place on the beach we always go to when we are on tour in Bali. Before you enter you can already smell the scent of burned coconut shells. At the entrance you will find these giant aquariums filled with all types of (shell) fishes. They will ask you to make a selection and escort you down to the beach. Picture the most poppin' sunset you have ever seen, whilst having the most tasteful seafood you can imagine. So yeah, I’d fly myself over to Bali for my last supper."

S: "I would love to show this place to anyone who is open for this. You really can not keep these places to yourself."

T: "Easy. Family and friends. My friends are my family. I really wouldn’t want to miss them during my last munchie attack."

T: "Lobster, lots of shrimps and in fact.. all types of shellfish man. I will probably steal a little 'sum sum' from my friend’s plate too. I mean, why not. Be honest, you would do the same haha."

S: "Champagne, champagne champagne and I would 'eeny, meeny, miny, moe' a sum from the fingerfood menu because it’s all amazing. Nothing too heavy though. This place gives you wings so you make sure you can float."

"The place is so magical that most of the times nobody talks." - Sean XX

S: "Champagne. I’m not a heavy champagne drinker, but champagne and strawberries are all you need in this place."

T: "Honestly I would order some tea. I don’t really drink anything else during dinner. Order me a good ol’ whiskey or cognac afterwards though."

S: "The place is so magical that most of the time nobody talks. If they do it’s that highly inspirational type of talk."

T: "I would probably be making fun of my brothers and they would hit me back with some bullshit as always haha. Once together, we can’t really be serious for too long. I mean, we will probably be super high as well – do the math."

T: "Euhm. Well, I would let my mom play some old African tunes, let my dad get his Blues and Rock n Roll moments on and finish it with some Paak, D’Angelo, Kendrick, Smino, Prince and Joey Bada$$. I wouldn’t really go for a ‘one type’ vibe for the whole evening."

S: "Light sensitive ambient music. Very elegant & sensual anyway. Music you can float on, music that will stimulate your natural high even more."

Wednesday & Thursday: 16:00-02:00

Friday & Saturday : 16:00-05:00

Sunday from 16:00-02:00



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