Remix your Spring/Summer with these unexpected cocktails.

Spring is here- time for a new self-made cocktail menu with the famous Suicide-twist. The art of mixology is clearly noticable in the cocktail menu. Created by our restaurant and bar manager: Max de Smit. Time to get thirsty! We have asked him the ins and outs of the new menu, Rosa Quist provide some incredible photos that will make you fall in love at first sight.

Max, what was the inspiration of the new cocktail card?

“Summer is coming! This season we are experimenting with new flavors, lot’s of new flavors. My inspiration pops up at different times, for example when I’m working or walking outside. It comes from my own experiences, seeing and tasting new things. But I always have the guest in my mind.”

What was the process of creating these new cocktails like?

“The process took a long time, because of all the activities and events that take place at the nightclub The Suicide Club. I loved the process though, that gives me a lot of energy. Every time new flavor combinations came up, I got more and more excited.  I always keep the experience of the guest in mind when I create new infusions. We experimented with fifteen common and more uncommon infusions, such as white chocolate rum, roses for bitters and even duck fat.

What is the most exciting cocktail of this season? Which ingredients did you use?

I can’t choose one, so I think the two most exciting ones are The Queen of Clubs and Wahappen 2 you!?.

The Queen of clubs: who doesn't want a cocktail with “Spekkoek” (an Indonesian layer cake)? The “Spekkoek” is used in the cocktail for a spicy and full taste sensation. Definitetly a new classic”

“Wahappen 2 you!?: This is an extension of the favorite cocktail we already know, Wahappen!?, it’s a flavor combination that has never been experienced with the unique combination of Sake, Pedro Ximinez, Kalamansi & Ginger. After an afternoon or evening with this drink, you’ll have a lot of new stories to tell!”

The Queen of Clubs | Photo by Rosa Quist

Suicide Tea | Photo by Rosa Quist

On a warm sunny day on the rooftop with friends, which cocktail would be the perfect fit?

“The Suicide Club Refreshments. Because of the high demand in iced teas, we decided to come up with our own iced tea with a Suicide twist. To fulfill the customer's wishes this season, we make our own ice tea with suicide twist; ; in the style of The Suicide Club’s Asian fusion menu. With the garnish that will be served, you can finish the cocktail yourself. The Ideal Refreshment summer drink!”

Suicide Tea #1 – to share
Hooghoudt Old Jenever, green & matcha tea, ginger.

Suicide Tea #2 – to share
Wodka, Jasmin & Hibiscus tea, Apricot.

Which cocktail fits perfectly with a date at The Suicide Club?

Every drink can be romantic! But if I have to choose two it would be the Beaujob, comes from the inspiration of the TSC romantic Beau, and the Rose Daiquiri; a cocktail to fall in love with.  

Last, but not least, you have something for our Virgin people?

“Of course, we have different kind of Virgin cocktails. One of them is the G&T; syrup with all the botanicals of a ‘real’ Gin & tonic, the taste is exactly the same. With a little attitude, you don't need alcohol!

The Queen of Clubs | Photo by Rosa Quist

Take a look at our new menu here.

Open on Wed - Sun from 4 P.M. till late. Our best bartenders are ready to serve you at our rooftopbar in Rotterdam. The terrace is open, come and catch some sun!


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