2017 was good but 2018 is better. It's time to STIR it up a little bit this weekend. Who are coming to stir it up?

After a great 2017 it's time to make 2018 unforgettable. Celebrate the new year with us with a new edition of STIR it up this weekend. We found great artists to celebrate it with us. Read about them below.

Aisek is a Rotterdam based young lady, who started her first dj’ing session 4 years ago. Her first experience with this element of hip hop was actually a scratch lesson at the hiphophuis in Rotterdam. Ever since, her love for dj’ing has grown, which made her develop her own style: hip hop and R&B, soul with a mix of electronic future sounds, she flawlessly mixes them into a great jam.

Giovanni Jano, better known as Jaël, is a 23 year old Moluccan musician, beatmaker and sound designer from Drachten, The Netherlands. His passion for music all began when he grew up with soul/funk classics & Vinyl.

Jaël discoverd the guitar, drums, keys and started to realize that playing music was his destiny. A few years he felt like making music on his old Windows PC. Jaël mixed his soul & funk feels with his electronic vibes and combined it with a touch of smoothness & beats.

From then on, he has matured slowly into versatile musician, moving comfortably across various genres - garage, house, 1/2 step, classic boombap and beyond. One thing that's always consistent is the smooth vibe which he brings.

Evelyn Rae love and passion for music has always been present. When she would go out she would always listen to the DJ’s next move and think what she would’ve blended in if she was behind the decks, that made her eager to learn the craft. Her first experience with dj’ing was during a class at the HipHopHuis in Rotterdam. During this time, her love for spinning grew even more to to her own style — a blend of hip hop, R&B, world and electronic sounds.

Listen down below what we can expect this saturday!

Before HEAZ moved to Rotterdam he started as a B-boy in his younger years in the south of the Netherlands (Heerlen). After he quited dancing a few years ago, he wanted to show his passion for music as a dj. Due to the musical knowledge HEAZ has experienced through time he is almost like an chameleon from switching through different genres.

Wednesday & Thursday: 16:00-02:00
Friday & Saturday : 16:00-05:00
Sunday from 16:00-02:00
Closed on Monday and Tuesday


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