For his upcoming gig at The Suïcide Club, we took Luuk van Dijk to his favourite record shop, looking for new tunes and samples. Want to know how to spot hidden gems in piles of vinyl and what drives Luuk as an artist? Watch the full video below.

‘When I was young, my biggest dream was to become a rapper’ - Luuk van Dijk

Edwin Oosterwal - Elasticy

Did you already know the artist or the song?

‘’Edwin is a friend of mine and I heard this track in his set some time ago, so I was definitely curious! I Think Benny Rodriques played this in a set as well. I just knew I had to take my time with this tune and listen to it carefully. ‘’

Now that you’ve listened to it carefully, what do you think of it?

‘’I only knew this track from clubbing with my friends, so I’m glad I could listen to it in peace and I have to say I’m impressed! I can use this as a tool to surprise the crowd, a real set-breaker as I like to call them. You can drop this at any moment and all the attention in the club is back. It’s just a really solid tune!’’

Tracey - Earthrise

Why did you grab this out of the crate?

‘’I didn’t recognize it at first; however, I heard that Tracy is an alter ego of Tom Ruijg and I definitely think Tom is a good artist. But when I started playing the track I remembered that I played this at Awakenings Festival 2017. Beautiful track!’’

Is this a typical Luuk van Dijk track?

‘’I would not classify this as a typical Luuk van Dijk track - you probably won’t hear this in my prime time sets. But Earthrise does make for a good warm up track. It has a great build up but still keeps a raw edge.’’

Brothers’ Vibe - Feelin House (Raw mix)

‘’I play a lot of Brothers’ Vibe songs. They’re all great groovers so I was curious to hear what this vinyl is about. I think I would play this great tune in an early set or in a really late one in an intimate club. Good swing, repeating chord stab and moody vocals - I like it!’’

Bionic Bump Band - Shades

‘’I was really happy to find this in the second hand section of Mary Go Wild. When I heard Apollonia play this tune in his set a couple of days ago, I immediately started looking for it online but wasn’t able to find it anywhere! I stopped looking ‘til a British friend of mine sent me a video of him playing the record. He told me that the record was only available on vinyl and that it was sold out everywhere, so to find it at my local record shop for only €2 amazes me! I can’t wait to throw this banger on at The Suïcide Club!’’

Info event:

4th of August

Starts 22:00
Ends 05:00

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Production by Daan Klos & Silver Motion Pictures


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