The Suicide Club creative director Cindy Kiota updates you on what not to miss this month and also shares her personal favourites in the restaurant and at the bar.

Those last hours of summer are nothing to whine about. Yes, the sun sets earlier, the wind is getting cooler and the first leaves are falling, but I actually think autumn is pretty awesome. The city gets an energy boost, new plans are being made and all your friends are back in town, ready to party. As the downtown offices are filled up again, The Suicide Club is a perfect place for after work drinks, enjoying those sunrays as long as you can.

Meanwhile we make sure your table never lacks wonderful cocktails and mouthwatering dishes, because a Suicide night nourishes not only the soul, but the stomach as well. Our chef knows what you need after a long day, our bartenders know how to complete your meal the way it’s supposed to be. Let’s escape daily routine for a moment and celebrate this beautiful Indian summer together!


I’m so excited this living legend from Chicago is coming to our club! Rahaan is a true master in house and disco, who mixes like no one else on this earth. It’s a true honor to welcome him. Besides, our Rotterdam pride Philou Louzolo (pictured above) and myself (CinCity) are behind the turntables as well.


As a regular, you probably know Elias Delgado by now. Our amazing live painter graced every Cloud 8 this year, making three paintings a night. This evening we present a stunning exposition of all the Sunday artwork. And the best part? The masterpieces are for sale! Your chance to own a colorful remembrance of Cloud 8 2018.


The night we all knew that would come. Cloud 8 has come to an end. But not without a legendary closing party full of workshops and live music. We booked some big names, like Djeff Afrozila from Angola – also present at our Opening Night – and our ‘own’ Benny Rodrigues. Talking about contrasts…and that’s exactly what I love about Cloud 8. Bringing different people and different cultures together on the roof. To make this night even more unforgettable, take your Angels’ Share and enjoy the ultimate and personalized Cloud 8 experience.

Why not make September ‘sashimi month’ from now on? Forgive me, but I grab every opportunity to eat sashimi, because I can just have it all day, every day, even for breakfast. And how lucky am I, we serve the best tuna sashimi in town? Prepare to fall in love with our chef Freek, because his tuna with wakame cream, furikake and pickled pak choi is really to die for. But literally. So fresh, so tasty, this is how raw fish should be, melting on your tongue. To match this Japanese dish, let us surprise you with our Matcha Natto cocktail. Green tea, fermented soybeans and brandy, we mix it all and let you fall in love with the bartender too.

Let's catch up at The Suicide Club!

Love, Cin


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