The Suicide Club creative director Cindy Kiota updates you on what not to miss this month and also provides you with her personal favourites in the restaurant and at the bar.

“This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for: summer is here! Time to take the layers off, soak up the vitamin D and get in the mood for balmy summer nights on our rooftop terrace. Being one of our primary assets, we expanded and totally redecorated our roof into a cosy, dreamy, botanical spot with more seats and four outside stages. It’s the ultimate place to chill and with this view, this skyline, you truly feel like a cosmopolitan. I particularly love that exciting transformation from afternoon to evening, when you slowly dive into the adventure of the nocturnal heat. Our new menu helps you energize for a summer party and it doesn’t get any more delicious than our Asian dishes with that sexy Suicide twist. All to share of course, because with us, dining is a social experience that strives to be the heavenly highlight of your day. Meanwhile, our bartenders make sure you hydrate enough, with cocktails unlike any you have had before.”

Nights to remember

“In summer our rooftop parties are just hot! Our amazing Saturdays always reflect the diversity of the city. A great party, special event, upcoming music, sounds we spot in the UK, Ibiza or Africa; every weekend there’s something for everyone. On Sundays we’re on Cloud8, which means firing up the barbecue and enjoying live performances in world music. Unlikely, this year we will be inviting a live painter, making three paintings a night to every Cloud8. In September, we’ll have an amazing exposition of all the Sunday artwork.”

Sunday 17 June: Cloud8 Sodade

“This Cloud8 we tap into the Sodade flow that’s in town. During the renowned Sodade Festival, the best Cape Verdean artists pay us a visit. We’re celebrating the large Cabo community in Rotterdam and I’m sure we’ll create the biggest musical melting pot ever.”

Saturday 23 June: Good Girls

“We’ll celebrate the official start of the summer with one of my personal favorites. During Good Girls we go back to my youth with the best 90’s R&B music. I literally know every song by heart and sing along all night. And I’m definitely not the only one. The Club will be filled by ‘good girls’, but this night they all go mad...”

Sunday 24 June: Cloud8 Vintage Market

“Who doesn’t love a bit of vintage hunting? I assure you, you’ll find some lovely gems in our rooftop market stalls. To buy or not to buy, that is the question tonight, but also feel free to just have a look at our amazing Suicide collection and then enjoy the best world music you’re used to at Cloud8.”

Taste of June

“One of my favourite dishes of our new summer menu is the Sticky Shrimp Tempura. On a hot summer day, the subtle taste of fresh yuzu is just the best. Our complete food and cocktail menu is in tune, so with every dish, we have the perfect cocktail to match. For the Sticky Shrimp our bar created the unique Shrimp Caipirinha. Have you ever had a cocktail with a shrimp in it before? Besides the Christmas dish at your grandma’s, which probably didn’t include cachaça. A perfect combo to order together and it makes a great photo for your socials (#thesuicideclub).”

Let’s catch up in The Suicide Club!

Love, Cin


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