Our chef Freek had odd jobs and made some wrong desicions, until he found cooking. Read about how it changed his life. And what does he have in stock for 2018?

"The most satisfying thing to see is a people at a table who want to eat one dish and end up eating all of the bites we offer."

Freek Dekker head chef of The Suicide Club believes in the power of sharing food. Eating in The Suicide Club therefore is a social experience: you share challenging dishes through a dynamic rollercoaster ride of flavors, colors and presentations. We sat down at the Chef's table to talk about his personal taste in music and food, The Suicide kitchen and the new menu.

"I am Freek Dekker, 31 years old, born in the Netherlands, Vlissingen. I grew up in Middelburg, the Netherlands. The best way to describe myself is creative, tumultuous and even compulsively with things. (W hile Freek describes himself, he really can't sit still and randomly grabs a candle as he continues. ) For example, I can't sleep or do something else when a idea for a new dish just popped up in my head. I'm not statisfied until the dish is prepared and ready."

"I don't have a specific favorite dish. I love meat, any meat. Food is more than cooking for me, it's a lifestyle. I am always working with food, because it surely can bring up certain emotions. It can be touching and satisfying as well, like an artist can touch your soul through music. Whether you're dining with some friends at home or in a restaurant, the food always brings a conversation to the table. What we are doing at The Suicide Club is called shared dining. Our guests are eating together, sharing their passion and opinion about their experience. And you may not see it, but I do eat a lot. I take every chance I get to eat something in the city. There's is no way I'm leaving town without eating. It drives my girlfriend crazy." (G iggles.)

"No I didn't. I had many different type of jobs. There were times I had a job and at times I didn't and the same goes out for school. But the change came when I moved to Amsterdam and started working for a top level restaurant. Suddenly I came to realize this is awesome, this is where I can put all my creativity in. That was also the moment when I stepped away from the things that didn't help me in life. Food became more than a obsession. From that moment on I worked at two Michelin starred restaurants for eight years. The first one was at the Okura Hotel in Amsterdam and the second at the Zwethheul nearby Rotterdam. After that I went for an internship in China, Hong Kong at Amber which was led by Richard Ekkebus. He was ranked number 19 of China back then. So as you can imagine, it was a complete life changer."

"Well my life changer came with some less amusing things. I was so focused on cooking and food that I blocked out the the important things around me such as my family and friends who really suffered from this. But then the most precious thing in my life happened. My son was born. Then I realised I had to give up 'cooking on high level' like this. I just wanted to create delicious and beautiful dishes."

"Sergio Herman is really like a rolemodel to me. I feel connected to him, he can be really extreme. The way he thinks inspires me. Heston Blumenthal is the chef of The Fat Duck that I visited a while ago. Just sitting there at a table was a top notch experience on itself. Let alone the food that was complex. Mixed emotions went all over the place."

"To be honest I'm not really a fan of alcohol, but a good rum definitely deserves a spot on my Christmas table. I went on holidays to Suriname where I discovered 'Borgoe 8 years old', a Surinamese rum, which litteraly blew my mind. Ever since it brings up the fantastic experience and good memories of Suriname."

"I don't want to label my kitchen and put it in a box. You're at 'The Suicide Kitchen', period. The guests come to eat different bites, with different flavours. I've got Willy, a great sous chef who has worked at the same high level I did. He is a great sparring partner and I couldn't do it without the rest of the boys in the kitchen."

"I use several influences in my kitchen: Asian, French and Italian. French because I can use the basics from what I've learned. Something I definitely want to learn and gain knowledge from is the Italian kitchen because of it's simplicity and beauty. I also use Arabic spices like ( pay attention dear reader, this is a secret ) 'ras el hanout'. With the Suicide's kitchen, I can surprise the guests constantly."

"Well, I'm 31 now and I've worked in all different kitchens. They say your tastebuds are fully developed. It might sound crazy but mine are still developing with time."

"The kitchen is limited in space. It isn't my goal to get that Michelin star. Like I said earlier, I want to make stylish and smooth looking dishes, but they also have to be intense. We serve bites to share, so even the smallest dishes are full with a sensation of flavours."

"I'm a 80's kid, my genre range is very wide. I grew up in the period of Hip Hop music. But I am Dutch, so Techno, House, Hardcore and Rock music are also really important to me. Most important for me are emotions in music. I can listen to really soft music or the very opposite of it. Either way I want to feel it. I used to play the drums, and I appreciate it when other musicians can put their heart into their instruments. There is this one verse from Fresku (Dutch rapper) which really describes my life."

From now on you can make reservations at the special chef's table.

Enjoy an exclusive dinner for two, high above the 8th floor and just in front of the kitchen.

The chef's table is the only table at the Suicide Club with a personal buttler and exciting bites served by the head chef himself.

Mail us for prices and availability.

(At first Freek is describing a dish, then..) "I have a black-out there are too much dishes I need to discuss, I need the menu.

(Freek is going through all the dishes and explains step by step how he prepares these dishes...) I've got 'porkbelly' on the menu now, and my opnion is that it's underrated. The Porkbelly is really crispy and served with sweet-sour vegetables. It's something that I would love to eat as a guest. It's an explosion of flavours in your mouth. The most satisfying thing to see is a table full of people who want to eat one dish and end up eating all of the bites we offer."

"Complex, Sexy, Intens and Surprising."

"My sunglasses represent the love for traveling. It's what I love to do, to get to know different cultures and ofcourse, have a taste of their kitchen. Last year I've been to Australia and Curacao. And there is more to come!"

Wednesday & Thursday: 16:00-23:00
Friday & Saturday : 16:00-23:00
Sunday from 16:00-23:00
Closed on Monday and Tuesday


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