"B L A C K is a project that celebrates the way the electronic and the African music culture complement each other brilliantly. It is the 1+1=3 effect of blending African rhythms with digital sounds."- Cin kiota

A project that celebrates the way electronic and African music complement each other brilliantly. It is the 1+1=3 effect of blending African rhythms with digital sounds that inspired Cincity to start a project to showcase this growing trend in dance music.
A seamless integration of acoustic elements into the sphere of electronic make for an unique and sometimes almost cinematic experience.

It is about introducing existing and new crowds to the worlds musical heritage by creating one sonic melting pot of styles and influences. We want to stimulate people to be open and enable them to experience what happens when gifted people find an output for their musical talent.

We find that this blend of (traditional) world music and the ever evolving electronic music is a perfect metaphor for what happens when people, cultures and art forms come together to create something truly unique. We live in a society that should embrace and celebrate diversity as it is the basis of so many amazing connections, collaborations and new insights.

That being said we are about to introduce the dj's behind this amazing line up!

Ever since Cindy was a little girl, music & dancing was her one and true passion. This passion brought her to the Dutch dance scene 10 years ago. At first she was just performing as a background dancer as part of dance collective called Housejunkyz. Later on, she also found her spot behind the desks. Her drive? To get other people to dance. This drive, her positive character and the way she seamlessly blends (afro-) house, disco and even some slight techno in both her productions and DJ performances, makes Cindy a guest most welcome in clubs all over the globe.

Throughout the years Cindy has been invited to perform at clubs like Djoon in Paris and The Sanctuary in Rome. Even quite recently, the team behind Bodhi Satva’s event “Ancestral” called the night Cin was playing at Djoon, one of the best Ancestral nights ever. Cindy knows her way around the DJ booth and has shared the stage with true Afro house icons like Black Coffee, Culoe the song, Pablo Fiero, Djeff Afrozilla and Boddhi Satva.

However, don’t be fooled. Because of her Congolese roots, Cin may be seen as 'The next best in Afro-Deep House’. But she is so much more than that. Cin is a true Cosmopolitan and musical all-rounder. Cindy gets her inspiration from her many travels and uses all the impressions to keep developing her musical style. That is how she always succeeds to surprise her audience with her always danceable, energetic and sometimes even peculiar sound.

Asylum seeker, carpenter, soccer player – Raoul Konan, born in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa, has already had several reincarnations. Residing in the northern parts of Germany, under his alias Mr Raoul K he nowadays produces a unique style of house music, which is as much a hybrid as his personal story.

In 1998 Konan’s girlfriend took him to the famous Love Parade in Berlin, his first contact with electronic music. “It felt really good,” states Konan. “Not directly because of the music, but because everybody was in such a good mood, because of the amazing and friendly atmosphere. That was the moment when I said I wanted to do the same thing. I wanted to become a DJ.” This raised eyebrows from his girlfriend, but nevertheless Raoul bought his first turntables, a mixer and some house records. While working as a carpenter during the day, he took his first steps as a DJ at Lübeck’s mainstream disco, Red Zone. He also interned in a studio to learn the skills of a musical engineer.

“That is when I started to produce my own tracks", Konan says in his kitchen/living room. “But my first productions sounded really general, really ordinary. Not bad, but also nothing special.” But where would he find anything special? He decided to fly back to Abidjan, record some African instruments there, and incorporate these into his productions.

Tunnelvisions was born when Raynor de Groot and Emiel van den Dungen found out they shared the same vision on the contemporary clubculture scene. With their hypnotizing, tropical and swinging productions Tunnelvisions brings the warmth on the dark and mysterious dancefloor. With their passion for music and need to achieve their goal they knew there was one thing left to do: A world trip to Afrika and South America. Tunnelvisions played at the legendary Melt and recently released their new debutalbum 'Midnight Voyage' .

DNL SPNCR is born and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He has that hands-on mentality. Growing up in a household where music was all around, he developed a broad taste and appreciation for music. In his mid-twenties he really fell in love with House Music when he saw Erick Morillo playing. He began to study the game and realized he wanted to shift from the dancefloor to the DJ-booth to spread his passion and ability to set a vibe! Last year was his breakthrough in Rotterdam with gigs at The Suïcide Club, Toffler and Bird. Get familiar with his energy and vibe, because he is ready to make his mark.



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