Elias Delgado embodies everything that Cloud 8 is about: creativity, relaxation, happiness, cool. We interviewed him about his art and what he wants you to see in it.

Elias rolls a cigarette as we prepare to start our interview. If anything gentle could make you melt, you will find it in his eyes. Elias is a warm soul, welcoming to anyone who makes eye contact. He embodies everything that Cloud 8 is: creative, relaxed, happy, cool. He will invite you to paint on the blank canvases, even just a couple lines if it so inspires you.

Why are you in Rotterdam?

I was born here, so I’m a resident. I was raised here.

I see on social media you are always painting outside. Is that a deliberate choice? Or do you prefer working in a studio?

I haven’t really posted a lot of my work which I’ve done in my apartment because I’ve decided to lay low for a bit, to just focus on making stuff instead of bringing it out. And at a certain point I started with light painting again, which is almost always outside so I do like doing that kind of stuff.

His paintings are bright, like the way the sun gradually lights up a room. Currently he is working on a self-portrait: the facial features are loosely assembled, and the painting is full of life and color. It is like little pieces of his soul shine through his fingertips and scatter themselves across the canvas.

What is the story you want to tell with your work?

That’s a difficult question. I want people to look at the painting and make their own image of it, you know? Like an open, suggestive painting. And sometimes it’s a bit autobiographical so I tend to also make figures which resemble myself. I want the viewer to look at the painting and fill it up themselves.

As we talk, a woman stands next to him working on her own canvas beside Elias’s. There are also two canvases to his side, which were blank when we started, but are now being filled by other Cloud 8 guests.

Have you invited people to work on canvases together before?

Yes! I’ve worked with Rachel two times now, and previously when I also painted here, I made the panels on the back, and I also invited painters to come here and paint with me.

How do you envision your work being displayed? How do you want people to experience your work?

It depends on the painting and the person who likes the painting. For example, I’ve sold paintings to students who like it in their rooms to look at it and have a nice piece of affordable painting in their living room. And I’ve also sold to more mature clients. It kind of depends on the person who buys it. I also like a bit more of the artsy festival and grungy scene.

How would you describe your perfect Sunday?

I think at Cloud 8, filled up. Me being content with my painting, lots of people having fun. That’s my current ideal Sunday.

Don’t let the summer pass you by – join Elias at the next Cloud 8 and contribute to a painting!

You can also meet him and purchase his work at the exhibition on September 9 at The Suicide Club


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