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A  holiday  dinner  unlike  any other  in  the  ultimate celebrative  setting.  

We  believe  dinners  are enjoyed best  when  shared with friends and  family;  so  we present  you our  Holiday Feasts. When  it  is cold  and dark  outside,  we  love to  get together  with  our  loved ones and  feast  over  food  and drinks.  At  The  Suicide  Club all menus  guarantee  a  table full  of exciting  dishes,  to  be shared over  laughter,  stories and,  if  it’s your  thing,  grace.  

From  our  rooftop  we overlook this  incredible  city full  of memories  and promises. When creating our holiday feasting menu’s  our chef wanted to this to reflect in the dishes and drinks. This has really  brought  out the  best  in our kitchen  team.

Inspired  by the  international, cosmopolitan vibe  Rotterdam breathes,  our  chef  Freek Dekker has bridged  the  gap between the  classic  duck breast  that we Dutchies  enjoy for Christmas and the  world famous Peking duck served with garnish and pancakes. We consider this dish the king of all menu’s. But he didn’t stop there. Prepare for the kinky flavours of the Steak Tak-taro and  expect  a chocolate manjari  based dessert that  is  to die  for.  Our five  course  menu comes  with a glass  of  bubbly and  our famous  sticky  shrimp and  if you want  to  indulge properly in  true  Suicide style, go for the six  course  option  and we'll  include champagne, oysters and  a  mysterious ‘Number  148’.    

Drink  pairing
Although  optional,  to complement  the  palette  of the courses  we  recommend the journey  of  cocktails  and wines our  chef  has  selected for  you.  

If  you  dine  with  us  on  a Thursday,  Friday  or  Saturday you are  welcome  to  join  our Club Nights  and  continue the Feast into  the  small  hours  – our bartenders  will  be happy to serve  you  their  jaw dropping cocktails  all  night.

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Just  let  us  know  in  the notes how  many  courses you’d  like  to spoil  you  and your loved  ones with; and  if you  want  to include the  drink pairing  for  the  full experience.

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