: a light meal : food combine well with one another when they share key flavour components (= bites or drinks). 

Chef's selection bites | let us tempt you.. €21,00 p.p. 

Oyster (2p) spring onion, sushi vinegar €7,00
Oyster (2p) watermelon salsa, habanero €8,00

Tuna, furikake, citrus €11,00
Chorizo, toast, artichocke, apricot €7,00
Black tiger shrimp, saffron, black garlic €16,00
Codfish, kümmel, crème fraîche, pommes paille €9,50
Steak tartare, toast sardine €9,50
Cheddar rosti (2p) oyster, mayonnaise €7,00 
Octopus tempura, jalapeno seaweed mayonnaise €10,00 
Mussel flammkuchen, chive cream, green peas, salted vegetables €8,00

Dumpling (2p) beetroot, tarragon, pumpkin €7,00
Dumpling (2p) roti €7,00 
Spring roll (2p) kimchi, tempeh, harissa €7,00
Spring roll (2p) lamb, sage, pickeled eggplant €8,00
Cauliflower tempura, dashi €10,00 
Redfish ceviche, lovage, tomatillo €9,50
Russian roulette (6p)  bitterbals €9,00
Cheese selection (3p) brioche €11,00 


: something that is awesome — sweet food, such as ice cream.

White Chocolate, tequilla, lime, five-spices €9,50
Dark Chocolate, marinated pear, kümmel €9,50

Popsicle (per piece) €3,50 
:: dark chocolate, amarula
:: stawberry, white chocolate